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A VIDEO LECTURE by Dr. William J. Neidinger

Originally produced as part of the "Vatican City" series by Dr. Neidinger in 2003, this program on St. Peter's Basilica features new photos, groundplans, and diagrams not included in the 2003 version.

St. Peter was martyred on and buried on the Mons Vaticanus in Rome. Some 300 years later the Emperor Constantine ordered a basilica built over his grave. But were Peter’s bones still there? For more than 1200 years Christian pilgrims came to Constantine's basilica to pay homage to Peter. But finally, the basilica being nearly in ruins, the popes decided it had to be rebuilt.  Over the years the greatest Renaissance masters would apply their talents to the rebuilding, culminating in the magnificent dome of Michelangelo. But it would not be until the 20th century that the mystery of Peter’s bones was solved.

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