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Rome’s Perfect Building

A VIDEO LECTURE by Dr. William J. Neidinger

It is the best preserved building of antiquity in the city of Rome.  Part of the reason for its excellent state of preservation is the fact that it has been in continuous use as a church since the early seventh century.  The Pantheon has been imitated and studied by architects in medieval, Renaissance, and modern times.  But despite the structure’s perennial influence and impact on western architecture, no one is quite certain for what purpose the Pantheon was built in the first place.  In this lecture we will analyze the revolutionary architecture of the Pantheon and study the building’s history from its first appearance in the first century BC, to its rebuilding in the second century AD, through its conversion into a church, and finally to the various refurbishments and outrages it suffered in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The lecture is lavishly illustrated with nearly 400 images.  In addition, a course syllabus with extensive lecture notes, plans, and elevations is provided.

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