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Volume II: Jesus of Nazareth

In VOLUME II: JESUS OF NAZARETH, we examine the life and ministry of Jesus in its historical context, beginning with a look at the political and social realities of Jerusalem and Judea within the Roman Empire. We discuss the nature of the evidence regarding the life of Jesus, assessing the reliability of the Gospels as historical sources. From the available historical evidence we can reconstruct the story of Jesus’ childhood and his adult ministry, culminating in his Passion, death, and post-crucifixion appearances.

Volume II:

Jesus of Nazareth

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Chapters in VOLUME II:

1. Jerusalem and Judea in the Time of Jesus

2. Are the Gospels Reliable Historical Evidence?

3. Dating the Gospels

4. The Life of Jesus of Nazareth: Childhood

5. Baptism

6. The Life of Jesus of Nazareth: John the Baptist

7. The Life of Jesus of Nazareth: Ministry

8. The Life of Jesus of Nazareth: Jerusalem

9. The Life of Jesus of Nazareth: After the Crucifixion

ILLUSTRATIONS: Both print and e-book editions contain all maps, charts and diagrams referenced in the text. The print edition features additional, supplementary color illustrations.

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