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From Achilles to Alexander the Great



VIDEO LECTURES by Dr. William J. Neidinger


  1. The Minoan Thalassocracy.
  2. The Mycenaeans:  Warriors and Merchants.
  3. The Wrath of Achilles:  The Trojan War.
  4. Greeks are Political Animals:  The Polis.
  5. The Golden Age of Ancient Greece.
  6. Suicide:  The Peloponnesian War.
  7. The Rise of the Macedonians.
  8. Alexander the Great.
  9. The Hellenistic Empires.
  10. The Legacy of Ancient Greece.

The Great Shah-n-Shah, the King of Kings, Master of the Earth Xerxes, the Lord of the Four Quarters dismissed them (the Greeks) as a gaggle of impudent rabble rousers.  It was a mistake his predecessors and ancestors also had made. The Lord of the Four Quarters descended upon the Greeks with an army and navy of over a million men, the legend says.  One year later his armada lay at the bottom of the sea and the bones of his soldiers lay scattered all over Greece. Ever a fractious bunch, the ancient Greeks could pull together when occasion demanded and perform incredible feats.  But many suspected that it was, in fact, their perennial fractiousness that propelled them to their landmark accomplishments in war, politics, art, architecture, philosophy and theology.

They worshipped the same gods, they spoke mutually intelligible dialects, they had a common literary heritage, they all hailed Achilles as the greatest of warriors, they traded with one another, and they warred against one another.  Not until the “semi-barbaric” Alexander brought them to heel did the land of the Greeks feel the winds of peace – but only briefly.

In this series of lectures we will trace the rise and fall of ancient Greek civilization from its Bronze Age beginnings in the Aegean to the three-continent empire of Alexander the Great; and, finally, examine the continuing legacy of ancient Greece.

The lectures will be richly illustrated with images, and course material will include detailed lecture notes and an extensive syllabus including maps and ground plans.

Ancient Greek Civilization

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