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Volume III: The First Generation of Christians

In VOLUME III: THE FIRST GENERATION OF CHRISTIANS, we first examine the community of believers that grew up in Jerusalem after the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. Through conversions and the spreading of the evangelium, this community soon spread throughout the Roman Empire; but this process was not without conflict and controversy. In this volume we describe the fates of the main characters in the story of the early Church, and explore some of the influential writings of this period, all against the background of the political and social developments of the greater Roman Empire at the time.

Volume III:

The First Generation of Christians

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Chapters in VOLUME III:

  1. The Church in Jerusalem
  2. Converts
  3. The Diaspora and the Evangelium
  4. Resolution
  5. Paul’s Missionary Journeys
  6. The Great Fire of 64 AD
  7. The First Jewish Revolt Against Rome (66-73 AD)
  8. Flavius Josephus
  9. Paul’s Gospel
  10. The Fate of the First Generation of Christians
  11. The Apocrypha
  12. The Didache
  13. Rome: The Empire and the City

ILLUSTRATIONS: Both print and e-book editions contain all maps, charts and diagrams referenced in the text. The print edition features additional, supplementary color illustrations.

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