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  1. Journey to Jerusalem.  Shortly after the death of Christ, Christians began visiting the sites of the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and making pilgrimages to what survived the desecration of the city by Hadrian, the fall of Rome, and the destruction of Jerusalem by the Persians.
  2. The First Clash between the Cross and the Crescent.  Within a century of Mohammed’s death, Islamic armies had conquered land stretching from the Pyrenees to the Himalayas.  The Mediterranean had ceased being a Christian lake.  And the initial tolerance of the early Arab empire soon withered.
  3. God Wills It!”  The First Crusade.  Despite overwhelming odds, a motley collection of ill-equipped, poorly prepared Christian armies fought their ways through hostile lands across Europe and the Middle East to eventually conquer Jerusalem.
  4. Barbarossa, Philippe-Auguste, Lion-Heart and Saladin.  Some of the greatest kings of Christian Europe ventured east in a futile attempt to save the Christian kingdoms of the Holy Land from the premier warrior of Islam, a Kurd by the name of Salah-ed-Din.
  5. The Unholy Crusade: The Fourth Crusade.  By hook and crook, the most astounding Doge of Venice, the cunning, ninety-year old Enrico Dandolo, diverted the Crusade from the Middle East to conquer Constantinople, and carve out a Roman Catholic kingdom in the heart of the Orthodox Byzantine Empire.
  6. In the Aftermath of the Religious Wars.  The last of the Crusader strongholds in Palestine was lost to the Moslems in 1291; the Crusader states had lasted for less than two hundred years.  The Crusades were over, but the Crusading orders of the Templars and Hospitallers would outlive the cause for which they were founded.

Pope Urban II heard tales of a hermit boasting a letter from the angels that urged a holy war to recapture Jerusalem from the infidel; he was apprised of reports that Christian pilgrims were being robbed and murdered on the way to Jerusalem; and the emperor in far-off Constantinople was begging him for western knights to fight the Grand Seljuk. All the while, the Pope’s own Christian warriors were busy slaughtering one another.  Only one endeavor could rescue the emperor, protect the pilgrims, and save Jerusalem: a Crusade, a Christian holy war that would roll back the Islamic conquests of the past four centuries and re-capture the Holy Land for the Cross.  And so began two centuries of vicious warfare that would change forever the relationship between Christians and Moslems.

The lectures are richly illustrated with images, and course materials include detailed lecture notes and an extensive syllabus including maps and ground plans.

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