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VIDEO LECTURES by Dr. William J. Neidinger


  1. The Birth of Greek Sculpture and Architecture.
  2. Greek Sculpture and Architecture in the Archaic Age.
  3. The Greeks in Italy.
  4. Greek Sculpture and Architecture in the Classical Era.
  5. The Sacred Cities of the Greeks and Romans.
  6. Hellenistic Sculpture and Architecture.
  7. Roman Sculpture and Architecture and the Greek Tradition.
  8. Late Roman and Early Christian Art.

It has been remarked more than once that Greek and Roman sculpture and architecture have exercised a “tyranny” over Western art.  Over the ages artists have either tended to imitate or rebel against classical standards of beauty.  But whether imitating or rebelling, Greece and Rome were still the backdrops against which artists played their plays – and that is the nature of a classic.

In this course we will trace the evolution of classical sculpture and architecture from the collapse of the Mycenaean Bronze Age civilization to the mosaics of Ravenna. We will study how the effects of war, commerce, politics, philosophy, and religion were reflected in classical art. Additionally, we will explore some of the major archaeological sites of ancient Greece and Rome.

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