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by Dr. William J. Neidinger

This in-depth series explores all aspects of the history of the Christian faith from before the birth of Christ up to the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counterreformation. Lectures will focus on the great theological debates, popular practices and superstitions, Biblical criticism, art and architecture, politics and the faith, the interpretations (ancient and modern) of Paul, the heresies, the Inquisition, and the various stages of the monastic movement in western and eastern Christianity.

  1. The Hellenistic Culture of the Mediterranean.
  2. Pax Romana.
  3. Salvation and Immortality: The Mystery Religions.
  4. Jesus of the Gospels: Judging the Evidence.
  5. Paul of Tarsus: Redefining the Messiah and Salvation.
  6. Judaism and Christianity: Competition and Conflict.
  7. Persecution:  the Blood of the Martyrs.
  8. The Gnostic and Docetist Visions of the Christ.
  9. Evolution of the Structure and Hierarchy of the Church.
  10. Constantine.
  11. Defining the Christ: The Philosophers and Theologians.
  12. Defining the Christ: The Apocrypha.
  13. Protest: The Retreat to the Desert.
  14. The Christian Roman Empire.
  15. The Church Divided.
  16. Medieval Monasticism.
  17. Christianity and Islam.
  18. Popular Christian Beliefs and Practices.
  19. From Charlemagne to the Holy Roman Empire.
  20. The Cluniac and Cistercian Revivals.
  21. The Church and the Crusades:  the Holy Wars against Islam.
  22. The Age of the Cathedrals and the Scholastics.
  23. Heretics and Inquisitions.
  24. The Church Ripped Asunder.
  25. The Church of the Renaissance.
  26. Europe on the Eve of the Reformation.
  27. Martin Luther:  “A Wild Boar in the Vineyard."
  28. The Reformation Reformed.
  29. The Isles, France and the Lowlands.
  30. The Catholic Counterreformation.

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