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Lecture Series on DVD by

Dr. William Neidinger

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Course Number

Course Title

148 DVD

The Ark of the Covenant  

NEW on DVD and streaming video

147 DVD

The True Cross  

NEW on DVD and streaming video

146 DVD

Michelangelo’s David  

NEW on DVD and streaming video

145 DVD

The Roman Forum  

NEW on DVD and streaming video

144 DVD

The Duomo of Florence  

058 DVD

The Passion of Jesus Christ   

Updated with new  images  

005 DVD

Alexander the Great

Now  available on DVD

049 DVD

The Heroic Age of Ancient Greece

Now  available on DVD

401 DVD

A History of the Inquisitions

404 DVD

The Parthenon   Updated with new  photos, diagrams and plans  

411 DVD

The Demonization & Sanctification of Wealth & Poverty Now  available on DVD

261 DVD

Islam, Christianity and Judaism:  Centuries of Contact, Conflict and Confrontation  Now  available on DVD

391 DVD

Is it in the Bible?  Early Christian Belief and Practice

Now  available on DVD

175 DVD

The Greek Myths   Now  available on DVD

174 DVD

Ravenna  Updated with new  photos, maps and plans

381 DVD

A History of the Bible:  How the Bible Came to be "The Word of God"  Now  available on DVD

281 DVD

How the Land of Canaan Became Palestine and Israel:  A Racial and Religious History of the Holy Land  

Now  available on DVD

341 DVD

History of the Papacy

111 DVD


314 DVD

Who Is the Pope?

214 DVD

The Vatican Museums

114 DVD

St. Peter’s Basilica

113 DVD

History of London

331 DVD

The History of Christianity

413 DVD

Golden Ephesus

213 DVD

Santiago de Compostela

121 DVD

Ancient & Medieval Sicily

125 DVD

The Changing Spirit of Rome

124 DVD

Constantinople - Istanbul

123 DVD

The Crusades

120 DVD

The Rise of Rome

101 DVD

Rome:  A History of the City

116 DVD

The Good Shepherd

115 DVD

Ancient Egypt

210 DVD

Ancient Greek Civilization

509 DVD

A History of Spain

409 DVD

A History of Venice: La Serenissima

309 DVD

The Pantheon

109 DVD

The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire

908 DVD

A History of Paris

308 DVD

Florence:  The New Athens on the Arno

108 DVD

The Ottoman Turkish Empire

208 DVD

Mount Vesuvius

907 DVD

The Byzantine Empire

307 DVD

Science vs Religion

107 DVD

Anatolia.  The Archaeological Sites of Turkey

201 DVD

The Evolution of Political Vocabulary

127 DVD

The Palace of Minos, Knossos

126 DVD

The Dome of the Rock

304 DVD

Greek & Roman Art & Archaeology

504 DVD

The Flavian Amphitheater:  The Colosseum

104 DVD

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

151 DVD

Lorenzo De ‘Medici & Girolamo Savonarola

204 DVD

Hagia Sophia





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